About Utkarsh Mishra

I am a 19 year old Astrophotographer and a avid researcher, I started my journey by becoming member of UP Amateur Astronomy Club  under the Guidance of Sumit Srivastava sir , he is an excellent mentor who has immense knowledge and is passionate towards his work  I learned a lot from him. After doing a lot of Outreaches under sumit sir I realised that I need to dive deep in this so I joined Insightobservatory as their image-processor. I regularly use insight's remote imaging platform to photograph the night sky remotely at sitting on my home, in day i am studying law at  Amity University Lucknow.

I do not have any Astronomy degree but I have passion for astronomy, my images have been put up in Exhibition, featured multiple times on NASA  Astronomy Picture of Day, BBC SKY at night ,Sky and Telescope Mag and many more online publications

I have also involved myself in scientific research "Discovering  Planetary Nebulae" with team of amateur astronomers like me ,we explore the optical ,narrowband and IR survey to discover new objects in space eg: IPHAS plates ,DSS survey ,SHS  and many more  

I also want to thanks my dear friend Michael Petrasko and Muir Evenden their contribution to my well being is enormous i cannot payback for the kindness they have offered to me by letting me join the imaging team!