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Michael Petrasko (left) and Muir Evenden (right) being interviewed by the Cape Cod Times in May 1982 then pictured at Insight Observatory's annual remote telescope maintenance visit at SkyPi Remote Observatory, May 2019.

             Team Insight OBSERVATORY 

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Insight Observatory provides remote telescope services for educational outreach, research, and astrophotography from remote observatories around the world located in New Mexico - the USA, the Río Hurtado Valley - Chile, Nerpio - Spain, and Namibia
Insight Observatory's mission is to provide the tools necessary for "hands-on" astronomy education and research and making these tools accessible to students, amateur astronomers, and astrophotographers. In this way, we can enable them to participate and experience the thrill and excitement, of scientific observation and discovery. Students, amateur astronomers, and astrophotographers will have the ability to participate in many projects utilizing Insight Observatory's remote telescopes that will, literally, "open their eyes", to the wonders of our Universe, without having to leave their classroom or homes.

Insight observatory has made a big impact on my life, as a student it is very difficult to go and photograph nigh sky but with remote imaging platform our time is saved but effort is till nearly same using 16" f3.7 dream scope we have created wonderful images! we recently got a NASA APOD.

You can access Insight Observatory's remote telescopes from here  

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