Learn  Astronomical Image Processing


Astronomical Image processing is a method to perform operations on your captured data, to get an enhanced image of the cosmic region, or to extract some useful information from it.

It is a crucial step in astrophotography and your final image depends on how well you process your data.


I have an experience of more than 7000hrs in image processing and have processed thousands of images till now which includes complex objects from Orion nebula to processing my own discovered object.

I am currently going to record multiple tutorials on Image Processing and it would cover Basic to intermediate level of Processing in Photoshop and Pixinsight 

Topics covered:-

  1. Stretching  ( Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  2. Gradient Removal (Pixinsight)

  3. Making RGB Image (Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  4. Color calibration (Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  5. Getting the right colors (Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  6. Boosting your colors (Photoshop & Pixinsight) 

  7. Sharpening (Photoshop & Pixinsight)

  8. LRGB (Photoshop+Pixinsight)

  9. ha-LRGB( Photoshop+Pixinsight)

  10. Narrowband (Photoshop & Pixinsight)

  11. Combining NB+RGB (Photoshop)

  12. Continuum Free Image (Pixinsight)

  13. Masks (Pixinsight)

  14. Star removal ( Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  15. Framing & a lot more.


These many topics will be covered in those Pre-recorded sessions and the Price will be "only 75$ !!".

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I also offer 1 to 1 Private classes in which you can be more specific to asking questions and processing data.

The cost of a 1-hour session is 100$



In 1 to 1 session it is preferred to work with good quality data and make the most use of it, there is not much point in processing poor quality Light Polluted data.

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*You will be re-directed to e-mail and send if you want to purchase* 


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