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Learn  Astronomical Image Processing


Astronomical Image processing is a method to perform operations on your captured data, to get an enhanced image of the cosmic region, or to extract some useful information from it.

It is a crucial step in astrophotography and your final image depends on how well you process your data.


I have an experience of more than 9000hrs in image processing and have processed thousands of images till now which includes complex objects from the Orion nebula to processing my own discovered object.

I have recorded multiple tutorials on Image Processing and it covers basic to intermediate level of Processing in Photoshop and Pixinsight 

Topics covered:-

  1. Stretching  ( Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  2. Gradient Removal (Pixinsight)

  3. Making RGB Image (Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  4. Color calibration (Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  5. Getting the right colors (Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  6. Boosting your colors (Photoshop & Pixinsight) 

  7. Sharpening (Photoshop & Pixinsight)

  8. LRGB (Photoshop+Pixinsight)

  9. Ha-LRGB( Photoshop+Pixinsight)

  10. Narrowband (Photoshop & Pixinsight)

  11. Combining NB+RGB (Photoshop)

  12. Continuum Free Image (Pixinsight)

  13. Masks (Pixinsight)

  14. Star removal ( Pixinsight & Photoshop)

  15. DSLR Image Processing


These many topics are covered in those Pre-recorded sessions and the cost is  99$ only

                    Local Indian Buyers can purchase it via Phonepay- 8601029203@axl  /QR code

                    Or Could Request Bank Details for the transfer via email -




*To Buy Image Processing Package click below*


There are almost 15 videos in which I share my complete workflow Photoshop and Pixinsight 


Covers (45mins) 

LRGB processing 3videos (NGC 3521) Astrobin 

Narrowband processing -3videos 

Globular cluster- videos

HaLRGB processing - 3videos   

M104 Galaxy processing APOTY22 Astrobin  

New videos which cover OSC data too 


Rest videos are shorter and explain topics like stretching, types of Color calibration, PCC 

DBE etc 




*You will be re-directed to e-mail and send if you want to purchase* 


I also offer 1 to 1 Private classes in which you can be more specific about asking questions and processing data.

The cost of a 1-hour session is 120$



In 1 to 1 session it is preferred to work with good quality data and make the most use of it, there is not much point in processing poor quality Light Polluted data.

To make a Private 1to1 session click below.


Free TuTorials can be Found on my Youtube Channel 

Customer Reviews

Shikhar Gupta: The videos are super rich with tips and tricks that can help you boot up in creating your own processing workflow if you're a beginner, or to add to your arsenal if you are already good at it. There's definitely something for everyone out there, and the best part is that it's so easy to follow. With hands-on videos on every sort of data i.e from observatory grade to beginner data from unmodded cams, this series covers a wide spectrum of processes and workflows. This is a steal at a price even at 5x the price it's being marketed for right now!

Sandu Val Cosmin
: I bought this package! It's very good! In addition to reminding me of some of the techniques I used in Photoshop and Pixinsight, it has many new ideas that I will implement. It certainly covers almost the entire middle processing segment. At the price requested by Utkarsh Mishra for this rather massive package, it is definitely a very attractive course for many! Good luck Utkarsh!

Panagiotis Galanopoulos:
 I have bought the image processing videos from Utkarsh Mishra and I am really happy I did. The videos are very informative and really helpful. The helped me a lot to learn to combine those 2 powerful tools together (Pixinsight and photoshop). I also did a 2 hours workshop with him where he showed me tricks that are not on the videos. My astrophotography processing is really much better after that and I would urge everyone who wants to get better at processing their astrophotos to buy the videos from Utkarsh. Thank you very much!​

Divye Ruhela: Astrophotography and post-processing-related workshops and training can be really costly. However, here is one course that transcends the 'best value for your money. For a reasonable price, you get into the brains of Utkarsh, who truly has a knack for PI and PS, has spent years perfecting his technique, and put all his heart into the creation of these tutorials. When I started, I was a complete beginner. By the end of this series, I had an assortment of workflows at my disposal for processing different kinds of data. During the course of my learning, I was able to personally connect with him and get all my doubts cleared promptly. Another great part is that this series is still ongoing. Utkarsh talks to his customers, find gaps in his existing tutorials, and updates them with new topics regularly. Recently, he has expanded into handling noisier/ harder to deal with datasets, taken with DSLRs, etc. All in all, I am completely satisfied with my purchase, and highly recommend it.
Aditya:  Hello Guys,I have been doing Astrophotography since last year. Internet videos, articles, and my own trial and error was my teacher.
I was hitting a Saturation in terms of astrophoto editing. Then utkarsh uploaded his one of the photos showing insane details in orion^s constellation which was shot using stock DSLR,I was super impressed and directly contacted him to purchase this course.
I watched all of his videos included in this package, picked up what i need, and included it in my own workflow. Sometimes tiny tricks and tips make a huge difference in the overall image. Tutorials are easy to understand for me but might be difficult for a complete beginner. So basic knowledge of photoshop and astro~ terminology is a prerequisite.I always pick up the concepts and include in my own workflow. Overall, tutorials are brilliant and fruitful. I could see improvements in my final images.I would suggest author Utkarsh to explain about the tools what he is using in his videos.

Rochus Hess"I can absolutely recommend the image processing tutorials to ambitious beginners but also to advanced astrophotographers! Also I could learn again something and improve my image processing technique. Thank you Utkarsh for the great tutorials !"

*You will be re-directed to e-mail and send if you want to purchase* 


**For Non-Indian Citizen's PayPal is accepted, an Indian citizen can send money through Online Platforms like Paytm, Google pay, Razorpay etc.**

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