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Mohan Mishra 

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Sankalp Mohan


Utkarsh Mishra

Sankalp Mohan born in Lucknow in 1995.  Passionate about Astronomy ever since he witnessed Venus Transit in 2004 from Indira Gandhi Planetarium.
Obsession towards Astronomy grew even more after witnessing Moon and Saturn for the first time through a telescope in an event organized by IGP along the banks of river Gomti in 2006.  
In 2015 he started hunting for Messier objects  after participating in a Star gazing event at IIT Kanpur where he got to observe M45 and some other Messier objects for the first time. 
He is fascinated by Comets ever since he watched a movie named "A Walk to Remember" which featured Comet  Hyakutake. Inspired by the discoveries of Alan Hale, David Levy and some other Comet Hunters, he started searching for Comets using both amateur telescope and a professional telescope named SOHO.
It was while working in a SOHO project, when he met Trygve Prestgard who brought him into Planetary Nebula Hunting. 
On 14th January 2017, Mo 7 was discovered which was his first Astronomical discovery. In 2020 he met some other amazing amateur astronomers named Xavier Strottner and Marcel Drechsler.
In August 2020, a very beautiful friendship started when he found me, his teammate of MoMi ~ Mohan-Mishra

Utkarsh Mishra born in Lucknow in 2001. Curious about how the universe works ever since I laid my eyes on encyclopedia that my father gifted me at age of 8, at this age I started reading and understanding about the cosmos works.
 I gained good amount of knowledge about the 
nigh sky, by finishing all books  that I had, I used to question lot about the universe to myself, specially why I exist.
at the age of 13, I got myself a small telescope and started exploring night sky identifying constellation(bright ones) from my roof top, after few years I joined Indira Gandhi Planetarium as member and under Sumit Kumar Srivastava, I took part in 200+ outreach- a big respect for my mentor he is very hard working man, IGP was kind enough to lend me Dslr and a 6" telescope for home, I kept it for 6months daily capturing moon and planets, Later on I took a turn to deepsky which was my goal from start as there are so many targets to explore and in addition they are beautiful too, after couple of years I joined insight observatory as their "expert image consultant" and now I am a remote Astrophotographer and a researcher, I love to search for which is unexplored. Now I spend countless hours on researching and image Processing.
Other than Research and Astrophotography I do meditation and pranayama to understand universe even better.



Galatic Cords


Dec                   Size                   Status

MOMI 1               PN-G 146.7+03.1       04:02:11.07       +56:54:28.930       0.1 arc min         New candidate

MoMi2                 PN-G 083.9-05.3        21:10:51.12       +40:17:00.07         8 x 3.6 arcmin     Object of unknown nature

MOMI 3               PN-G 225.5-01.9        07:07:51.23        -12:07:50.92          1 x 0.4 arc min 

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