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Mohan-Mishra 5: Newly Discovered Probable Planetary Nebula in Open star cluster NGC 3293

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Mohan-Mishra 5: Newly Discovered Potential PN Candidate in Open Star Cluster NGC 3293 Carnia Constellation, found by Indian Amateur Astronomers named Sankalp Mohan &Utkarsh Mishra(Author). The Nebula is designated as MoMi-5, which is the fifth discovery of the team MoMi.Our Potential Planetary Nebula candidate was discovered by examining the Decaps Survey in-depth, It is a very tiny potential candidate which is around 0.2arc minutes in size. The potential Nebula is also visible in the amateur astrophotograph of Jarmo Ruuth PN-G: 285.9+00.0 Coordinates:10:36:37.32 -58:18:05.95 Size:0.2arcmins

The nebulosity might have been involved with that star.

Comparing the Astrobin image and the PanSTARRS plates was

a difficult call. Was it the WD or the red star being responsible?

Fortunately – the low galactic latitude (b = +0.06 degrees) here provides us with the SHS atlas

to use. But the bright region makes it tricky to get the proper result we require.

From the attached images you’ll see I chose the size of the return close-up view from

the short red and Halpha images to be .35’ x .35’ (or 21” x 21”) in extent.

The field is still burned out such that we can’t tell if the nebula that presents itself

is centered or not, so I applied some overall brightening and lowered the contrast to the entire frame.

We can then see that the shell is centered upon the hot WD star!

To prove it further – we made the same treatment on the reddish star’s coordinates and

we find that the shell (maybe 15 to 20” diameter?) is definitely not centered upon that star!

With that strong a concentration of Halpha around the WD’s coordinates (and very little on

the short red exposure)

The Mg. = 17.43 on the cspn. This was the observations done by our expert friend Dana Patchick We thank Pascal De Lu, Marcel,Dana and Xavier for their Support.

Momi-5 Visible in Jarmo Ruuth's Image

SHS Halpha Survey

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