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Xavier Strottner

Xavier Strottner born in Burgundy in 1981, Xavier has been passionate about astronomy since early childhood. He devours astronomy books and journals with passion and it is in June 2017 that, after reading various publications by Pascal Le Dû (coordinator of the research programme), he becomes more closely involved in the search for as yet unknown objects. His first two objects, selected as possible planetary nebulae in July 2017, are the starting point for an incredible adventure that is still ongoing. In addition to astronomy, he has played the piano daily since the age of 6.


He has always been passionate about horses and now practices ethological riding with his own horse. Xavier works in the field of information systems security for an automotive group.

I got to know Xavier in 2020 when i accidently approached him for asking questions regarding NGC 5907 Galaxy ,he provided me with some excellent links that helped me a lot , soon we started having more conversation about research and later on  xavier told  me about discovering Planetary Nebulae and then he decided to teach me how to make new discoveries.

I am honored to be of his student. He went slowly but effectively making sure I learned the art and I was successful in finding many candidates which could be a new Planetary Nebula and  credit goes to this person!
Xavier is very humble person I really like him, he has invited us to his home and I cant wait to meet him :)   

Marcel Drechsler

Marcel Drechsler Born 1982, freelance graphic designer, lives and works in Bärenstein, Saxony. Passionate about astronomy since early childhood, astrophotographer with own observatory since 2016, amateur astronomer and discoverer of unknown cosmic phenomena since 2018. Co-author of several scientific publications and winner of numerous awards in various fields of astrophotography.


Current activity in astronomy : Discovery, analysis and exploration of previously unknown cosmic objects, as well as coordination and planning of astrophotography of the latest discoveries of the STDR team. This also includes the processing of photographic data from numerous astrophotographers and large telescopes. In addition, Marcel, together with his colleague Xavier, regularly helps and coaches beginners who are also looking for unknown objects.


Marcel is a smart guy I am seeing his work since many years and I have been fan of his deep images using his RASA telescope, Marcel is not only good at shooting images he is also a king of image processing and I need to learn a lot from him.


He  creates wonders in Image processing, he also gives deep analysis of our findings and by analysis we decide that its worth to send for designation or not also  no number of words can describe this person.

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