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Trygve Prestgard

Born in 1995 Kristiansand, Norway, Trygve spent most of his childhood in Solør (eastern Norway). During his teens he lived for three years in Costa Rica, and is currently living in France. It was during his time in Costa Rica that Astronomy became his main center of interest. In 2012, soon after moving to France, he became involved with the Sungrazer citizen science project. He is still an active member of the project to this day. His experience with the project is what solidified his long-term passion for astronomy. In 2015, after stumbling across an article on the “Soccer ball nebula”, he started seeking ways to discover deep sky objects using online imagery. This was made possible thanks to the websites by French amateur astronomers Pascal Le Dû, Laurent Ferrero and Lionel Mulato. In January of 2016 Trygve discovered his first definite planetary nebula candidate, Pre 3, now officially nicknamed the “Southern soccer ball nebula”. Since then he has continuously been using optical and infrared data online to discover and study PN candidates. He also hunts and writes about variable and multiple stars. Trygve has a BSc in Geosciences, and a MSc in Geophysics. He is currently a PhD student at l’Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG), where he studies the spectroscopic properties of carbonaceous chondrites. Trygve also runs a wonderful blog on planetary nebula hunting click here to visit

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